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Aventuras en Educación, SA is a Guatemalan-licensed Enterprise born of the U.S. corporation Adventures in Education, Inc. The two businesses began a productive collaboration in 2000 providing recreational vacations and memorable learning experiences through non-traditional packages tailored to individual and small group interests. Aventuras is operated by Richard J. Morgan Jr., a retired U.S. Army officer with residence at Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Mr. Morgan holds graduate degrees in Education and Latin American studies from U.S. universities. He is the resident English language expert on the Lake and its Mayan culture. He is the author of several books to include a trilogy about Atitlan which focuses various aspects of its character.


We are located at world-class Lake Atitlan in the Central Highlands of Guatemala. Atitlan has been judged by such notables as Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) as among the most beautiful lakes in the world. With a population that is 90% indigenous and traditional in manner, this is truly the "Land of the Living Maya." It lies at 4,800 ft. above sea level, providing for comfortable air and water temperatures year-round.  Total surface area is 81 square miles, with depths up to 1,100 feet.  The Lake is surrounded by 3 volcanoes ranging to 11,600 feet in elevation.

Twelve pueblos (towns) lie on the Lake 's shoreline and are inhabited by two distinct Mayan peoples who proudly maintain their cultural heritage.

Los Encuentros Posada y Centro Cultural is our activity center at Lake Atitlan and offers lodging, study facilities, and a fitness center.  It also serves as an information center and springboard to a full range of leisure and cultural experiences around the Lake and beyond.  See our page Posada Los Encuentros for a description of our accommodations. We offer 1st World quality extended-stay lodging at economic prices, more than 60% below our daily rates.

Our study programs stress a flexible, dynamic approach to learning.  Our methodology promotes learning through direct contact with the subject matter and the environment.  Our teaching resources are specialists who act as learning facilitators and mentors. Programs range from standard study tours to customized packages that fit individual and special interest group needs. You can tailor any of our packages to your group's interests and we will price it for you. Prices vary somewhat depending on the number of participants and the customization involved. Contact us for pricing.

Lake Atitlan

While the prices of our established tours are directed toward the budget-minded traveler, we can readily upgrade the quality of transportation and lodging at a reasonable price increase. 


Our Publications

Natural Healing: A Journey to the Mayan World of Atitlan

The Lake Atitlan Reference Guide

Fables & Other Mayan Tales of Atitlan

Hitchhiking on America’s War Machine; 1964-88

A Guide to Historic Missions & Churches of the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands

The Atitlan publications can be found under the pen name of Richard Morgan Szybist.