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Posada Los Encuentros






While our established tours vary somewhat thematically, all of our Guatemala-based programs provide a medium for Spanish language and social sciences study within the constraints of primary objectives and time available. Our Spanish language tours center around immersion Spanish study, but also include an integrated treatment of the history, geography, economics, politics, and cultures of the region. Other tours derive their themes from unique dimensions of the physical and cultural environment and provide for stimulating physical activity as well as:


Explore the architecture of the ancient Maya and of the Spanish colonial periods


Sample syncretic religious and healing practices of the modern-day Maya along with better known forms of natural healing and alternative medicine

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Spanish Language Study Tour - General

A Morning with the Artists, Artisans & Coffee growers of San Juan la Laguna

Coffee, Birds, and Plants of Guatemala

Curanderos, Medicinal Herbs, and Natural Healing

Spanish Colonial Churches of Guatemala

Mayan Art & Weaving Tour and Workshop

Mayan World Photo Safari

Hikes & Volcano Climbs

Climb Guatemala Volcano Tour

Customized Tours

Our Lake Atitlan site is the gateway to all our Central American tours. Country trails, volcanoes, and the 81 square mile lake provide inspiration for contemplation and exercise. The lake supports a full range of water sports and the surrounding cliffs serve the sport of para-sailing.

Our lodge at Panajachel serves as center for our natural health and holistic living program. It is also available for those pursuing a completely unstructured approach to self-enhancement or relaxation. We offer healthy breakfasts, a well-equipped exercise room, a wood-burning sauna, and fitness programs for groups or one-on-one with a personal trainer. We can arrange personal treatments by therapists trained in Reiki, Shiatsu and Swedish therapeutic massage techniques.

The lake is home to two distinct Mayan peoples with twelve indigenous communities located at its shores. All of the communities are receptive to visitors and several of them have comfortable accommodations for travelers. Panajachel stands somewhat apart from the others as home to a sizeable expatriate population and with the customary infrastructure of an international resort community. It offers a full variety of restaurants with cuisines for all tastes ranging from indigenous to international. It has several banks, ATM's, and an assortment of cyber-cafes and night spots.

Travel to Guatemala for most is by air, although travel agencies and bus companies from neighboring Central American countries offer cross-border land transportation. Once in-country, we use a combination of air and ground transportation to visit sites of interest. Careful planning, thorough knowledge of the region, and a wealth of experience guiding tour groups maximize the enjoyment of your experience.