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Customized Tours

Our focus is on learning through travel and experience in nontraditional destinations.  The natural environments of less-traveled locations offer experiences that are often outside the realm of conventional study and tourism -- and at prices that are much more palatable.

We are happy to modify our established tours and to create new tours within our range of expertise.  We can accommodate groups with special interests and we have experience in serving camera clubs, religious groups, and environmental organizations.  If your objectives extend beyond our own resources, we can often meet your needs by tapping into our extensive network of contacts.

Most of our established tours are built around language study and cultural history.  But this is not a limitation.  The multifaceted study of environments of Central America accommodate a broad field of inquiry and diversion.

If your interest is the character of unique natural environments, Guatemala offers the rainforests of the Yucatan and a large network of government protected sanctuaries of exotic flora and fauna.

Guatemala is also attractive for the adventurer who seeks physical challenge.  It has more volcanoes than any other country in Central America.  Many of these, including some active ones, are available for climbing.  It has the deepest lake in Central America -- Lake Atitlan -- with unspoiled waters that support both surface and underwater sport.  SCUBA lessons, equipment, and boats are available for rental on the lake's shores.  Para-sailing is also done from the heights surrounding the lakes; lessons and tandem jumps are available through local experts.  Rivers and cave networks in central Guatemala offer unique experiences in white water rafting and subterranean exploration with local guides.

For those who wish to maintain lower adrenaline levels or possess an artistic nature, accomplished local artists and artisans at our study center at Lake Atitlan offer lessons in their creative fields.

Other fitness and contemplative activities can be accommodated as side or focused activities in travels with Adventures in Education, Inc.  Our special value to you is our flexibility in the role of learning facilitators.  Our character is to help our customers achieve memorable, novel, and personally rewarding experiences.

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