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A Guide to Historic Missions and Churches of the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands

by Richard J. Morgan, Jr.

Adventures in Education, Inc.

ISBN 0-9648706-0-6

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This work is a comprehensive treatment of the missions constructed by the Jesuits and Franciscans in a region colonized by Spain and since divided between the United States and Mexico. It provides the historical context for the development of the mission system, describes the physical and cultural characters of the regions at the time of the missionaries' arrival, and explains the architectural features incorporated into the construction of their temples -- all in layman terms.

The book includes more than 90 full-color photographs that portray 26 historic churches as they look today. Maps illustrate historic and modern-day routes to the mission sites. Travel tips are included for touring in Mexican Sonora. Printed in a convenient 6x8 format, the book serves as the perfect travel companion for those interested in understanding the deeper history of the missions and churches scattered through the Arizona-Sonora borderlands.

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What Critical Readers Say


"...despite the arrival of newer works on the subject, Morgan's Guide to Historic Missions & still the only book that systematically treats all of the missions of the region and supports its text with quality photos."

- Raul Saba, Latin America Area Center, University of Arizona


"No past or present guidebook touches upon the number of missions mentioned by Morgan. [This book] will aid anyone with a strong interest in the heritage of the Southwest and northern Mexico"

- W. David Laird in Books of the Southwest: A Critical Checklist of Current Southwest Americana


"Both a history reference and a travel guide...researched with scholarly detail."

- Arizona Insight: Newsletter of the Arizona Humanities Council


"More than a mere excellent summary of the spiritual conquest of our peoples, a cultural testimony that all of us should read."

- M.C. George Murillo, Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico


"The writing is very good and the photos are superb...a winner."

- Oscar Martinez, History Department, University of Arizona


"Quality high...Valuable for all grade levels...This is the only book now in print available on the borderlands missions exclusively. The author has done a careful job putting this together."

- Library Services, Department of Instruction, Tucson Unified School District


"Wonderfully useful and interesting...[selected] as a required text for the College of St. Francis travel/study program."

- John Rene Fortier, Health Arts Program, College of St. Francis