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Posada Los Encuentros

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Curanderos, Medicinal Herbs, and Natural Healing

Travel to incomparable Lake Atitlan in the Mayan Central Highlands. Step into a multicultural world of alternate medicine shaped from centuries of Asian, Western, and Mayan knowledge. Visit Mayanhealers (curanderos) practicing pre-Colombian healing rituals. Learn and practice powerful rejuvenation and longevity exercise techniques. Create your own strategy for well-being through a program which focuses exercise, specialized breathing, movement and sound procedures, the use of medicinal herbs, and knowledge of the body's most important energy centers and pathways.

This unforgettable program will carry you beyond conventional barriers and provide you with useful tools for enhancing the quality of the rest of your life.


Basic Tour & Optional components

Panajachel Atitlan Basic



Antigua Supplement



Tikal Supplement



The Basic Tour package includes all in-country transportation, field trips, three nights of hotel lodging (double occupancy) to include an overnight stay in Antigua, a 12-day stay at the lakeside resort community of Panajachel (bed & breakfast lodging), day hikes (to include an optional volcano climb) and an 8-day rejuvenation longevity exercise program. Supplements include overnight stays at locations indicated with transportation, lodging, breakfasts, and entry fees included.

Individual therapeutic massage and acupuncture treatment while at Lake Atitlan can also be arranged at special rates upon request. Two extended tour options provide for an overnight trip to the classic Mayan ruins of Tikal or an additional overnight stay in the Spanish colonial city of Antigua.

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